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IT Financing

Hardware Leasing

Capex & Opex Hardware solutions. Purchasing a new set of computers for your organization will not only cost you a lot financially, it may also require additional effort to dispose of them in the future when these machines need a refresh or when they give up their ghosts. With SRKK Computer’s leasing option, you can consider your hardware costs an operational expenditure and pay as you go. Not only that, you will also have access to a dedicated support team and be able to get a regular refresh easily. Basically, you won’t have to worry about your hardware because we will worry about it for you.

Lease to Use vs Lease to Own

Our leasing options include leasing to own and leasing to use. In leasing to own, the ownership of the leased machine would be transferred to you are the leasing term. In leasing to use, customers would be able to opt for a refresh or choose to own the machines after the leasing term. Our interest rates range from zero to negative (yes you did not read that wrong!).

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